Expectations Are High With The Second Biggest Launch Of Jio Phones

Expectations Are High With The Second Biggest Launch Of Jio Phones
After the crazy launch of the JIO sim, now it is time for Reliance to set the people with the new amaze. Well, what is this surprising fact again that is being so broadly discussed? Jio is coming with its particular phone, and Reliance announced it at their 40th AGM conference. Not only was it discussed, but also set with a stroke about its free availing criterium to the customers. Now, what is meant by the free availability of the phone? Well, there are certain considerations on this statement. The phone is free in the sense that the amount with which you buy is refundable after three years. In fact, the price of the phone is Rs 1500 which is refundable at the completion of three years, if the phone is returned in the right condition.
A Convenient Structure
However, no matter what is the specification the structure formulated by Jio professionals are extremely well fitted for the average people. Both the data and voice are availed at a once-a-month recharge of Rs. 153. On the other hand, the other plans include 54 rupees for a week, and there is also a two-day plan for Rs. 24. With such packages, it becomes convenient for the consumers as per their need.
The phone before launching is going for beta testing from 15th of August. After the beta launching, the phone will be availed for pre booking from 24th of August. After the procedures of pre booking are completed, the phone is said to be reaching people by September. As the dates were declared at the conference, it is expected that there will be a similar response from people as it was during the prior initial launch of Jio.
Precise Specifications About The Product
Now, there have been questions about the specifications that would be available. Well, to be exact, the developers have also stated distinctly about the aspects that you would have. The LTE Support is something that is availed. In fact, the phone also has a dual sim slot in which one would be your Jio sim, and the other can be of your choice. The NFC is another feature that is added to the phone. However, the keypad is T9, but it is expected that this will be beneficial for many who are yet not comfortable with the touch screen. The phone will be having all the Jio apps and quiet interestingly you can connect the Jio entertainment app with your TV. The phone also allows a voice command along with the other nominal features. These general features include FM radio, Bluetooth and the other respective functions. All these settings or this entire set up comes to you with a 2.4-inch screen. The design is quite like other T9 keyboard sets. Thus, it is more for a regular handling than other tech phones.

Reliance is trying to reach a huge mass through such productions. In fact, it allows even the layman to know about the use of internet and its value in the present life.