Buy Jio Phone 1500 Rs Online Booking - For Free

 Buy Jio Phone 1500 Rs Online Booking - For Free

Recently, the internet seems to be flooded with some specific articles about JIO. Well, yes JIO is again in the news with its new launch. Whenever it comes to Ambani and his group, there is something that can be looked forward to. Well, on this particular aspect, there are no plans for improving the schemes of JIO, but definitely, there is something. JIO is launched its first phone at just rupees 1500. Now for this opportunity, you need to register yourself. This registration will probably fetch you the chance to grab this cheap phone with high features. However, there is terms and consideration, but in this budget, it is pretty accessible even with the conditions applied to it.

Now Comes The Registration Feasibility
Now, the question that is creeping into many minds is how to do that registration? Well, you cannot get the phone from any retail shop; neither can you book them via any online shopping app. You need to register them through the official JIO website. The website will allow you to venture into a free registration process. It is only after the registration you can pre order your phone. The website has the payment option along with the shipping, phone number and other detailed address. The pre orders will start from 24th of August, and expectedly the phones will be reaching you around September. Reaching the wide world is becoming easier.

Some Regulations About The Phone
It is true that rupees 1500 is quite cheap for buying a phone. More interestingly with features that are mostly available in higher ranges. But, how come JIO can avail you such offers? Well, there are certain terms and conditions of using this phone. There has been a rumour that the phone comes for free. But on the other hand, there is a payment option, and it is mentioned that you have to book the phone through prior payment. Well, the procedure goes like this. You are given the phone at a validity of three years. After using it for three years, if the phone is returned in good shape, you will be refunded the money.

Refundable With Terms And Consideration For Three Years

Three years for a phone is pretty long. Thus, if you break it or lose it, you are not supposed to get the refund. However, the entire process is still cheap. Within this phone, you get to have a 2.4-inch screen with a T9 keypad. The 4G VOLTE along with unlimited voice calls. The sim will be packed with JIO premiums. The phone has dual Sim slot and a memory of 2000 mAh battery. Other than this, the phone is backed with an FM radio and microSD support. Apart from this, you get to avail packages that are also considerable. A package of 153 rupees within which, you can avail unlimited calls and unlimited data for a month. In fact, you can also stream videos on your TV screen through the phone.


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